Our passion is to present and win trials, but always our objective is to develop and implement the strategy needed to realize our clients’ ultimate goal. With this targeted focus, we have demonstrated in courts across the country that we can achieve results faster and more efficiently than our colleagues at other firms.

Involved + Informed

We make a point of studying and understanding our core audience — the judges and juries who decide our cases. Our lawyers have held leadership positions and served as members on key court committees and bar organizations, including the Sedona Conference, the District of Delaware Ad Hoc Committee for Electronic Discovery, Co-Chair of the District of Delaware Intellectual Property Advisory Subcommittee, the Complex/Business Litigation Committee for the Superior Court of the State of Delaware, and two Presidents of the Delaware Chapter of the Federal Bar Association, the primary liaison between the Delaware District Court and federal practitioners in the state.

Patent Infringement Litigation

Businesses worldwide entrust their patent infringement disputes to Shaw Keller lawyers across a wide range of technologies, including agricultural chemicals, RNA/DNA sequencing technology, e-commerce systems, software and hardware technologies, audio-visual systems, global positioning systems, multi-function printers, liquid chromatography, and Hatch-Waxman litigation. Our lawyers represent clients in forums across the country, including patent litigation hotbeds in the Northern District of California, the Eastern District of Texas, and the District of Delaware.

Experience + Efficiency

Strategic thinking and careful planning allow Shaw Keller to outmaneuver larger, less agile litigation teams where it counts — at depositions, during settlement negotiations, and in the courtroom. We identify dispositive issues early in every engagement, and we work with our clients to design a winning case strategy from the outset. As a result, we will not be bogged down in expensive (and often unnecessary) discovery battles and other diversions.

ITC Litigation

In 2014, Shaw Keller attorneys represented Summit Agro, LLC at the International Trade Commission and defeated the complainant, FMC Corporation, in a case relating to sulfentrazone agricultural products. In 2012, Shaw Keller lawyers successfully defended Funai Electric against a non-practicing entity’s attempt to ban imports of Blu-ray disc players. In 2010 and 2011, Shaw Keller lawyers defeated industry giant Ricoh Company’s attempt to ban imports of Oki Data printers and multi-function devices. Ricoh asserted five patents on technologies ranging from print fusing to web servers and printer network architecture, losing on each.

On the Front Lines

Shaw Keller attorneys help to combat frivolous litigation by notorious patent and copyright trolls, such as MPHJ Technology Investments and Prenda Law Group. This work includes amicus curiae appearances regarding fee awards against patent trolls; in both cases, the court ultimately awarded fees, helping to establish early precedent for the award of fees under the Supreme Court’s Octane Fitness opinion.

IP + Complex Commercial Litigation

Shaw Keller lawyers handle complex commercial matters ranging from patent license, fraud, and contractual indemnity disputes, to false advertising, trade secret, and trademark matters, in all state & federal courts.